Local - Fresh - Farm-to-table

Stella's Kitchen is a local, farm-to-table meal prep service that delivers "heat and eat" meals to the Portland metro area every week!

Offering fully cooked, ready to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, sweets, and family-sized options that are:
- Gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, processed sugar-free
- Paleo, Whole30, Keto
- Delicious and nutritious!

All meals are delivered right to your local neighborhood location in durable, compostable packaging, labeled with all ingredients and macros so you can easily track your nutrition.

High Standards

After spending years with companies that demanded the cheapest ingredients, we decided to do it a little different.
Actually, a lot different.


We believe in putting a priority on the quality of all our food. We do not produce any products containing vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils, factory farmed meats, or any refined sugar. We cook with only grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil.


We procure by season, utilizing farmer’s markets & community supported agriculture. We are committed to providing farm to fork meals that help you reach your goals… from healthy convenience to fitness goals of fat loss or muscle gain.


We strive to make our local food community stronger by sourcing grass fed and pastured animals from local ranches and produce from nearby organic farms. We firmly believe that we must support the farms and ranches that support our bodies.


Local, Seasonal Veggies
Local, Seasonal Fruits
Local, Grassfed Beef
Locally-Sourced Pork
Free range, pasture raised Chicken
Pasture raised Eggs
Healthy Fats, Nuts and Seeds
Naturally-Occurring Sweeteners
Detailed Macros Labels
Compostable Packaging
No Gluten
No Grains
No Processed Sugars
No Legumes
No Alcohol


Still providing you meals with the same local, quality, wholesome ingredients as our Paleo meals, but Primal includes the following options in your dishes:
Local Dairy (cream and cheese)
White Rice (as a Primal carb substitute)
Quinoa (as a Primal carb substitute)


Like our Paleo meals, Whole30® meals also focus on whole food ingredients - plenty of local produce, quality proteins, and healthy fats. Additionally, you'll find no sweeteners or off-limit ingredients like vanilla extract and sulfites. All our Paleo baked goods are also off-limits.
Sorry guys.

How It Works

Checkout the Menu

Our weekly menu is posted on our website every Tuesday evening.

Because we pride ourselves on local, seasonal meals, no two weeks share the same menu. So get excited about the variety you'll find and enjoy picking and choosing as many or as few meals, sides and sweet treats as you like!

No pressure!

Place your Order

Submit your order online by Friday at midnight for delivery the following week.

At checkout, you'll find the option to choose your desired pickup location.

Make life even easier with our weekly subscription service. Stella's Kitchen will make sure you get the variety and quantity you need without having to jump online each week to place an order.

Pick up your Meals

Your order will be available for pick-up at your selected location.

We pack all orders in Stella's Kitchen totes with an ice pack to keep them cool and safe between our kitchen and yours.

Enjoy your meals and enjoy the time you've gifted yourself by choosing us as your meal prep partner!

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