Single Week Meal Plan

(6 customer reviews)

Each week you will receive meals from our weekly changing menu! Select the number and style, we’ll do the rest!

We are not able to customize meal plans at this time.

Meal plans ordered after our deadline (Friday by midnight) will be carried over to the next week’s ordering window.

6 reviews for Single Week Meal Plan

  1. Simona Parau (verified owner)

    Loved my first week.Looking forward to the second

  2. Grace Carper (verified owner)

    The first weeks’ 3 meals were very good. Better than what I expected.

  3. harukayamazaki

    Great experience! I ordered the 3 or 5 single week meal during each finals week during nursing school. Everything was delicious! No complaints on food, delivery, or service. I recommend trying Stella’s Kitchen.

  4. Becca (verified owner)

    I was not sure about having a subscription to Stella’s Kitchen and was so thankful I got to try one week of lunches with out having to go through the process of committing to anything. Well my week of meals was AMAZING! Like I was full on dancing while eating my lunch because it was so good, it felt wrong not to move. I am a control freak at my core and was not super excited about not being able to pick my meals. I got over that real quick. I am so happy with how fresh and tasty the food was. There were meals I would never have tried or thought to try and every meal was mouthwateringly delicious. I have food sensitivities and for the first time in a long time I’m actually satisfied with what I get to eat. Stella’s Kitchen can feed me whatever they want and I’m down. I liked the meals I was provided and the fact that there is little to no waste is also a huge bonus. Bravo!

    • Sarah Boam (verified owner)

      This is so fantastic to hear, we appreciate the kind words!!

  5. Amber Crudele (verified owner)

    I’m ordering now for the 3rd week in a row. Man, the meals are sooooo good. Way better than other local meal companies I’ve tried. I’m so glad I finally tried Stellas Kitchen.

  6. hboehm09 (verified owner)

    Even when I think I won’t like a meal that has been provided, I almost always end up loving it. I’ve been using Stella’s Meals off and on for about 4 years I think and I’ve maybe had 2 meals I didn’t like. I love them.

    • Sarah Boam (verified owner)

      Thank you!! Love to hear this.

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