Weekly Meal Subscriptions

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Each week you will receive fully prepared meals according to your subscription. Set multiple subscriptions to fill all your needs for the week. Meals are selected by the kitchen based on the weekly menu.

We are not able to customize subscriptions or meal plans at this time.

Subscriptions started after our deadline (Friday by midnight) will be carried over to the next week’s ordering window. All accounts bill weekly from the start date.


5 reviews for Weekly Meal Subscriptions

  1. Kirsten Ragen

    Excited to try!

  2. Meg Wood (verified owner)

    The whole30 food is delicious, 100% worth it!

  3. Lori Nye

    I broke my leg and have been in a wheelchair for 5 weeks now. Gratefully, my daughter, ordered me Stella’s Whole 30 lunch’s to get me through each week. They taste fantastic! I don’t have to worry about what to make, or if it is quality ingredients. I will keep ordering these wonderful lunches. BIG THANKS Stella’s!

    • Sarah Boam (verified owner)

      Thank you! We’re so happy to help!

  4. Brit (verified owner)

    Food is delicious and I like the idea of not cooking on busy days while i’m in school. I love the variety of the 5 dishes I get each week.

  5. Michael Oakes (verified owner)

    Did whole30 but stayed with Stella for lunches because it is so easy and the meals are great.

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